Wednesday, November 16, 2011


     When people first hear of my interest (obsession) with food, they almost always ask my favorite restaurant. I often refuse to answer unless they narrow it to a type of cuisine (French, Italian, Sushi, etc.) and sometimes I ask for it to be narrowed even further within the category further (high-end, bistro, etc.). The answer will change and based on the degree of specificity but if I had to choose my overall favorite restaurant of all time, it would be Tomasso Trattoria in Southboro. I have dined here on many occasions, and attended countless cooking classes, wine classes, food/wine/beer tastings, and dinners featuring Italian wine makers and local farmers. With so much to write about, you may see several posts about Tomasso including a review of a standard meal plus any events I might attend in the future. This post will be an overview and general shoutout!

The concept is traditional northern Italian cuisine featuring local, seasonal ingredients, and wines to go with them. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable about wine, and I credit much of my knowledge of Italian wines to them. After speaking with the owner, I learned he is a fan of Michael Pollen and tries to incorporate many of the principles discussed in his books (The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Food Rules, etc.) in his restaurant. He buys local whenever possible, and when listing ingredients on the menu often includes the farms they came from. Both the owner and head chef have traveled extensively and studied in Italy, which means the dishes and concept are as authentic as you can get.

I’ve never had a bad meal at Tomasso, but my favorites have been during white truffle season. Every year during the season, they feature white truffles from Umbria and serve them shaved over pasta. I’ve seen them been offered on Facebook auction-style when they’re down to only a few servings. According to Facebook it's that time again, so I will be back sometime in the next few weeks to try the latest preparation and post a follow up blog at that time!

The following pics have been taken over the years at various dinners and events:
Tuna steak with mixed greens

Pasta with rare tuna, jalapenos, capers, and olive oil

Spaghettini with well fleet clams
Fried squash blossom with ricotta and mascarpone
Chocolate hazelnut mousse
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