Friday, June 30, 2017

Hard Rock Cafe's World Burger Tour

          When I was a kid I loved Hard Rock Cafe and begged my parents to take me there every time we traveled so that I could collect t-shirts from every city. I recently experienced the Hard Rock in Boston when I was invited in for a preview of the world burger tour, which features themes from around the world paired with fun cocktails. We tried three different burgers (all sliders) including: 
  • Tennessee BBQ Burger with Memphis dry rub, sliced pickles, Memphis slaw, pulled pork, BBQ, fried onions, and cheddar.  
  • Ole burger from Barcelona included red pepper romesco sauce, aioli, roasted vegetables, goat cheese, and arugula. 
  • Buenos Aires burger with andouille sausage, salsa criolla, garlic aioli, monteray jack, fresh arugula, and a fried egg.

          I had mine without buns, but they do have gluten free buns available. It was fun to try all three; I enjoyed the lighter flavors of the red pepper and goat cheese on the Barcelona burger, as well as the richer, more indulgent combinations of fried egg and andouille and pulled pork on top of a burger.

          The cocktail pairings were delicious, and were all bright fun colors!

           I couldn't stop eating the fries with this creamy garlic sauce (my table may have ordered seconds thirds).

           Hard Rock's World Burger Tour is still going on, you can check it out in Boston or any of the locations listed here

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