I’m a young professional and total foodie living in Back Bay. I have a BS in Finance and an MBA, and work full time for a software company in the healthcare industry.  When I’m not eating out and blogging about it, I enjoy travel, live music, and all things related to fashion, finance, and technology.

My Foodie Obsession:
          I’ve been obsessed with food for as long as I can remember, but it truly became a hobby and a passion when I discovered the Michelin Guide in my early twenties and set out to try every starred restaurant in the US. For several years I have planned vacations around trying the best restaurants in the country, and keeping track of my star count. I also love to explore neighborhoods like Chinatown and East Boston for the best dim sum or the most authentic tacos.

          For years friends and friends of friends would ask me for advice and recommendations, and encouraged me to write a food blog. In late 2011, after countless hours drafts, pictures, and names I finally made it happen!

Blog and Tweet Boston 
           In addition to Urban Foodie Finds, I'm also the co-founder of Blog and Tweet Boston, a network for Boston Bloggers and Twitter personalities. We host meet ups and events at least once a month and get together for dinners, drinks, etc. informally even more often. To join visit our facebook page.  
          If you're a local restaurant, brand, or company and would like to host an event or partner with us please contact me via email

Partnership Opportunities
          If you would like me to review your restaurant, product or event, please send me an email. I love trying new places and things and am happy to promote upcoming openings and events if they fit within the content of my blog. I’m also available for partnerships, sponsored posts, and brand ambassador opportunities. 
Get in Touch:
          I love chatting with foodies and other bloggers on Facebook, Twitter, and via email, and I’m always looking for new groups, communities, and events to get involved with.  I welcome all feedback, suggestions, and comments, so please don’t be shy!

           Occasionally I receive meals, samples, and entrance to events free of charge; I am under no obligation to write a positive review and as always the opinions are completely my own.

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