Friday, November 18, 2011

El Triunfo

I was craving shrimp tacos after this weekend’s came out so well, but too lazy to walk across the street to Shaw’s in the rain. I decided to try El Triunfo, knowing only that they delivered and had once left a stack of menus in my building’s lobby. The menu didn’t include shrimp tacos, but I saw the cilantro shrimp with beans, rice, and corn tortillas and decided to make my own. I asked for guacamole and was told it was included, which was unusual but a great sign. 

Delivery took forty minutes, which is about average for Back Bay. The dish was loaded with baby shrimp and included fajita vegetables, black beans, rice, guacamole, and pic de gallo. I was a little disappointed there were only two tortillas, but the dish was not intended to be make-your-own tacos so I don’t fault them for it. I loaded the two tortillas as full as I could make them, and ate the remaining shrimp, rice, and vegetables separately. It was good, but not especially hot or fresh given the 40-minute delivery time. It definitely had potential and I decided I would try them again but eat there next time. I looked them up online and learned they also have a location in the north end near my office.  I’m hoping they’ll make the list of regular lunch spots and provide an alternative to Q’Doba, which is where I usually go for my lunchtime taco fix. 

The dish as it came
Makeshift shrimp taco with guacamole

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