Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mini Bar

     When I first moved to Back Bay earlier this year, my friend and I did a bar crawl one Friday night to check out of some of the spots in my neighborhood. We tried Champions (too crowded) and City Bar (too young) before finally settling on Mini Bar an upscale lounge in the Copley Square Hotel. We scored a spot on some comfy leather chairs and tried a few cocktails and apps. 

     I had a Prosecco split and truffle mac and cheese, my friend ordered truffle parmesan fries, and when everything came out we realized we could have easily split one app. The mac and cheese was my favorite, but they’ve since taken it off the menu (it changes regularly so I’m hoping it will be back). The cocktails ranged $9-$11 (average for the area) but the Prosecco was a great deal because it was a drink and half for the same price!

     While we were there, I noticed a special for $2 Kobe sliders 5-7 pm Mon – Thurs and decided I had to try them. I have since been back several times, and always order the sliders even if it’s after 7! They are some of the best I’ve had, juicy beef, sharp cheddar, spicy aioli, and buttery brioche rolls. I’ve brought several friends in to try them, and not one has been disappointed. 

     Mini Bar was my favorite bar / lounge the night of the bar crawl, and has remained a favorite after trying countless others over the past eight months. It has a great happy hour and late night scene, and I haven't tried them yet but I've heard they somtimes have chocolate chip cookies on Tuesday nights!
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  1. Love Mini Bar! The flat bread pizza's are to die for!!