Friday, November 11, 2011

Monica's Mercato

This will be a short bonus post, since I didn’t get any pictures. I tried Monica’s the other day with a coworker based on a recommendation. We got the name wrong, got lost, and didn’t have lunch until 3pm. Pictures and blog posts were the last thing on my mind as I wolfed down my sandwich, but it was so good I thought it deserved a mention and definitely a second visit! More to come, with pics when I try it again.

Monica’s is a tiny Italian market on Salem Street in the North End. They sell beer and wine, meats, cheeses, fresh pasta, sauce, and a variety of specialty and imported foods (truffle butter, Italian sodas, flavored olive oils, etc.). They also serve sandwiches, which I wouldn’t have realized if not for the recommendation. I didn’t see a menu, but ordered the sausage sub as suggested. I did a quick search on Yelp and it looks like they serve all of the deli standards, but are also known for their Italian and steak tip subs. The sandwich I tried included sliced sausage, provolone cheese, roasted red peppers, onions, and broccoli rabe on a toasted sub roll. It was not greasy, the ingredients were extremely fresh, and the sausage was cooked to order. $11 for a large sandwich seemed pricey at first, but it was the equivalent of two normal size subs and could have easily been two meals. I will definitely add Monica’s to my rotation of regular lunch spots, and may even buy some of the pasta and sauce the next time I pretend-cook dinner!
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