Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nourish Your Soul

          Nourish Your Soul is a juice bar in Fort Point right above the George Foreman Fitness Club. I stopped in one morning after class planning to try a juice or smoothie, and ended up leaving with a ton of great healthy snacks as well!

          I tried the Chocolate Almond butter smoothie which tasted so much like a dessert, it was hard to believe it was healthy. But with every ingredient listed, you can see that they use a no calorie base and (filtered water) and use fruit (dates and bananas) and raw cacao for the sweetness balanced with some protein from the almonds and almond butter.

          I also picked up a couple of dragonfly nutrition bars and some delicious cinnamon almond butter that I'm completely obsessed with. I put it on english muffins, sliced bananas, and even eat it straight from the jar with a spoon.

          Nourish Your Soul's location makes it a perfect indulgence for after a workout, without cancelling out all of your hard work!

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