Saturday, June 21, 2014

What I've been up to June 2014

          You may have noticed my posts have been a little less frequent here lately (although I'm back at it this weekend)! I've been working on lots of fun projects, some I can share with you now and some I'll be announcing over the next few weeks.

          I'm blogging for the Boston Local Food Festival for the third year in a row. I've already had the chance to interview two amazing local companies this year including Wormtown Brewery in Worcester (did you even know Worcester had a brewery??) and Oxfam; an organization dedicated to ending world hunger and fighting social injustice.

          If you haven't been to the Boston Local Food Festival, you should definitely check it out this year. The event is September 14th from 11-5 at the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and is totally free to the public. The festival showcases local farmers, local restaurants, food trucks, specialty food producers, fisher folks, and organizations focusing on healthy food and fitness from New England. The festival also features lively chef & DIY demos, a seafood throwdown competition, diverse music and performances, family fun zone and more. The festival is a zero-waste event, meaning they divert over 91% of our waste each year and we offset 100% of our energy use!

          I've also been featured on the Taste Trekkers Blog for my post on the Top 5 Sushi Restaurants in Boston. If you know me well or have been following this blog you can guess a few of them, but there may be some surprises... you should definitely check it out!

          Taste Trekkers is a group for anyone who travels for food (ie people like me, who are obsessed enough to fly to Chicago on a whim to try a restaurant before it closes!). They have a great blog, where you can learn about the best dishes in popular destination spots and put on an annual Food Tourism Conference in Providence. Last year's was a lot of fun, and I definitely hope to check it out again this year on October 4th!

 Taste Trekkers Guest

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  1. Thanks for writing for us at Taste Trekkers! It was a pleasure to have you! -Seth Resler