Saturday, June 21, 2014

Brunch at Franklin Cafe

         Since moving to Southie, brunch at the Franklin Cafe has been on my list to try... and since I've been on a complete restaurant binge lately, I figured why not?

          Each meal begins with a basket of the mini poppy seed muffins. 

          I enjoyed the Bloody Mary with all of the accompaniments and a little extra hot sauce.


           We shared an order of korean fried chicken with kimchee fried rice and an over easy egg to start. This was by far my favorite and I could come back just for this dish. It's on the small plates menu but large enough for a meal, especially if you indulge in the mini muffins and a side or two.

          The mini boston cream doughnuts were also really good. The cream had a hint of orange, and these were dense, like old fashioned doughnuts.

          The eggs Benedict were impressive with three thick pieces of ham, a large Portuguese style muffin and perfectly poached eggs, but I realized I like coming to Franklin for some of the more creative dishes on the menu like the fried chicken.

          Of course no brunch is ever complete without bacon.

          If you go to Franklin. Try to go early close to when they open at 11. We walked in about 11:45 with no trouble. By the time we left around 1pm the place was full; it's definitely one of the more popular places in Southie and one of my new favorites.

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