Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Salty Pig

          I recently tried the Salty Pig on a Sunday night for their Sunday supper menu. We
tried most of the meats, cheeses, and spreads by creating a custom board and then
finished with some pizzas.

          Our board included Prosciutto, lamb shoulder, chicken liver mousse, marcona
almonds, fig spread, lavender honey, manchego (aged Sherpa milk, rich and buttery),
stravecchio (aged cows milk, sweet and nutty) and one more soft cheese that I can't
remember. All boards come with housemade pickles and toasted slices of bread (which
they keep bringing if you finish the first basket).
          My favorites were definitely the lamb shoulder and chicken liver mousse, and I
loved the mustard marinade on the pickles!

          We tried two kinds of pizza (a white pizza with broccoli rabe not pictured) and­ the house special made from the days pig parts (mostly Prosciutto) and topped with a fried egg. This was topped with arugula and whole grain mustard (there may have been a tiny bit of cheese but I couldn't taste it). This was the first time I've had pizza with mustard for a sauce, but it was perfect with the cured meat.

          Overall I enjoyed the meal at Salty Pig, it was perfect for a quick casual Italian
dinner and some of the best charcuterie in town. Salty Pig on Urbanspoon

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