Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

It's hard to believe Christmas is less than two weeks away! Don't stress if you still have holiday shopping to do; there are still plenty of options for the foodies in your life including my top picks.

Top five holiday gifts for 2016:

Boston Wine Expo Tickets:

The Boston Wine Expo is my favorite local food and wine event, and the largest event of its kind open to both industry and non-industry professionals. I've been every year for the past several years, and always have a great time as well as learn and experience something new. Tickets are available here, so grab them now for any last minute gifts you still need to buy!
 Restaurant GCs:

Who doesn't love a steakhouse? Several of the big name steakhouses in Boston are offering bonuses when you buy gift cards, so you can buy gifts for others and get something for yourself! Here are a few specials I've seen:
  • Del Frisco's $75 for every $500 or $10 for every $100 purchased here.
  • Ocean Prime: $25 for every $100 purchased here.
  • Flemings: $20 for every $100 purchased here.
  • Abe & Louie's $20 for every $100 purchased here.
  • Capital Grille: A Gift Card worth 10% of your purchase and a knife set when you purchase $500 or more here.  


This has been on my personal wish list for years, and is the perfect gift for the serious cook / food lover in your life. This is the highest rated blender I've ever seen for it's versatility, ease of use, seven year warranty, and overall quality.

Phillips Air Fryer:
An air fryer is another item on my personal wish list; they're perfect for the health conscious cook / food lover because they allow you to create delicious dishes that are fried without the fat. As a bonus, no oil also means no (or very little) mess!


Gilt City Restaurant Deals:

For the frugal foodie, Gilt City has some amazing deals right now including some of my local favorites like The Maiden and Forage. If you've never used Gilt before, use my referral link for $25 off your first order.

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