Sunday, August 14, 2016


          Forage is a restaurant that opened in Cambridge this year, in the space formerly occupied by Craigie Street Bistro. They focus on local seasonal ingredients, and have a great wine list with an interesting selection of small production and biodynamic wines. They were offering a three course meal with wine pairings on Gilt City, so the fiance and I took advantage of the deal and went in for dinner to check them out.

           The first course was an arugula salad with fennel and blueberries; it was dressed simply and perfectly showcased the bright fresh blueberries.

          Next was a pan seared bluefish with broccoli and potato hash, shrimp butter, and chilis. The fish had an excellent sear, and the flavors of the broccoli and potato hash gave the dish a rustic, earthy feel.

          Blueberries were featured again in the dessert course; the fiance had an olive oil cake with fresh blueberries and goat cheese ice cream while I had a blueberry infused frozen meringue. Both were delicious and again highlighted the blueberries, but very differently than the salads.



          We both enjoyed the meal at Forage and appreciated the approach of focusing the meal around a few key local, seasonal ingredients. I hope to return soon to experience the regular dinner menu. 

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