Tuesday, December 20, 2016


          A couple of weeks ago I went to Bergamot in Somerville for an amazing multi-course tasting menu. I was impressed from the beginning of the meal when I saw a selection of orange wines on the menu, and they brought over picholine olives as a gluten free alternative to bread.

          We started with an amuse of parsnip and sunflower soup garnished with fresh time and olive oil. This was a perfect, warm first bite on a cold night.

          Next was a charred broccoli salad with chicken rad na - their take on a classic Thai dish served with shredded chicken, coconut curry, papaya, and micro greens. This dish was full of flavor, and though there was a generous portion of chicken the fresh fruits and veggies were what really shined.

           This sunchoke veloute ended up being my favorite dish, and I was impressed with how they were able to modify it multiple ways to accommodate several allergies. The dish is intended to be made with sunchokes and cream, topped with mushrooms and uni butter. They made me a  gluten free / dairy free version with no cream and uni butter, and the fiance had his with no mushrooms.


          Next was the kobucha squash with mole, cranberry, avocado, and house made hominee. This was rich and hearty, with a bit of a kick.

          The cauliflower three ways was creative and also delicious. I enjoyed the contrast of the crispy fried bites with the puree the most.

           The fish course was a Monkfish with sunchoke purée and mushrooms, which paired very well together. The vegetables made it feel earthy, but didn't overwhelm the delicate monkfish.

          The final savory course was a skirt steak with turnip, crimini mushroom (for me), onion, and veal jus. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare, and incredibly tender.

          We had an orange sorbet between our final savory course and the dessert course, which was light and refreshing - a perfect palate cleanser.

           We finished with a rice pudding with rum raisins for me, and a house made swiss cake roll for the fiance. Both were excellent, and I always appreciate when my gluten free / dairy free dessert is creative and seems just as well thought out as the other dishes.


          Overall the meal at Bergamot was excellent, there wasn't a course I didn't enjoy and with the very generous portions I was stuffed! I will definitely be back. 

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