Monday, July 6, 2015

PB Bistro

          I may have tried the best restaurant on Cape Cod this weekend. I say maybe because I have reservations at two other amazing places coming up, but so far PB Bistro is the best restaurant I've ever tried here! It opened about four years ago as a Boulangerie serving mainly pastries, soups, and sandwiches. It has since expanded to a French Bistro, and the food and atmosphere are both incredible.

          These are some of the pastries in the Boulangerie, which you walk through to get to the main dining room. I'm planning to stop on my way home, and grab a Croque Monsieur for lunch!

           For dinner we started with a half dozen Wellfleet oysters with the traditional accompaniments, which we didn't even need because the oysters were so fresh.

           Next was a charcuterie board, which was so big we had to take half of it home and I still had trouble eating my dinner! This came with country pate, duck proscuitto, proscuitto, coppa, bresaola, chorizo and salami. The pate was my favorite, and I pretty much made a meal of it.

          For my main course I ordered the scallops and added seared foie gras. We thought the combination seemed a bit strange at first, but the Chateau Sancerre wine pairing went perfectly with both the scallops and foie as did the accompaniments of apple, orange, and chickpea puree. I had to taste just a few bites (amazing!) but took most of this home. It made an excellent lunch the next day.

          The fiance enjoyed his hangar steak frites with red wine sauce and bordelaise. I stole one of the fries just to taste the sauce, and it was delicious.

          Even though we were full, we had to order the dessert and of course it had to be the chocolate! This was a molten chocolate fondant cake with house made cherry frozen yogurt and caramel. The caramel was not sweet, which is how real high quality caramel is intended. It's rare to ever find this, and PB Bistro did it very well.

          Several days later we are still blown away, and talking about this meal. I definitely plan to bring home some pastries from the Boulangerie, and will make this a regular spot when I visit the Cape!

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