Sunday, July 12, 2015


          Ceraldi is a restaurant that opened last summer in Wellfleet, and it's completely unlike anything on the Cape, or even Boston for that matter. They offer two seatings a night for a $70 seven course menu that is generally fixed (although they do accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions), with optional wine pairings (standard for $30 or reserve for $80). All of the ingredients are sourced from local farms, and they literally decide the menu each night when they see what they've been able to get in that day. Because there are so few cattle farms on the cape, the menu mostly consists of vegetables and seafood - but we happened to try them on a night when they'd just received some amazing beef short ribs!

          Before each meal, the Chef and waitstaff come out to personally greet each guest and talk about the meal and the wine options. Some of the courses are plated (or even prepared) at the bar in front of you.

          We ordered the seven course meal with reserve wine pairings, and I had some substitutions with no dairy. All of the courses are pictured below, except for the short ribs because my pics just didn't turn out well once it got dark.

Wellfleet oyster with garden horseradish whip, nasturtium blossom puree

Cucumber soup with garden peppers and paprika oil
Malfatti Organic red beets and greens, ricotta, and brown butter
Arancini with tomato and basil
Misticanza: Mixed greens, red and green tomatoes, garden bronze fennel vinaigrette

Lasagnette: Summer squash, zucchini, roasted garlic bechamel, thyme, parmigianno reggiano
Pasta with Summer squash, and pine nuts

Wild Beach Rose Panna cotta with mullberry

Macerated berries with lime

      Overall the meal was fantastic, and if I could I would eat at Ceraldi at least once a week. The dishes and concept inspired me to go shopping at some of the local farmers markets in Boston and attempt to create similar (although not nearly as amazing) dishes using fresh, seasonal produce. I've heard rumors that they're considering a popup in Boston during the winter, and I really hope they do!
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