Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Daily Squeeze

          The Daily Squeeze is Boston's newest juice bar, and I was excited to learn that it's located in my neighborhood in Southie (finally)! I headed over to check it out the other day and enjoyed a delicious healthy breakfast.

          In addition to fresh squeezed juices, they have a great smoothie or you can just create one yourself (#selfie)!

          I spotted the fresh wheatgrass in the window and ordered a shot on the side with my green juice.

          The pineapple hydration with pineapple, romaine, spinach, lime, and coconut water was delicious. I definitely took a punch card because I plan to come back often!

          You can also purchases bottled juices for cleanses at the Daily Squeeze, and I love that they offer a sheet with guidelines for your first cleanse. I've been thinking about trying one for a while now, and if I can muster up the willpower I'd definitely order from Daily Squeeze!

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