Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cafe Sushi

          Cafe Sushi in Cambridge is a place I've walked by many times over the years, but never tried until recently. It's a tiny spot in a strip mall, and not somewhere I'd expect to find some of the most creative sushi in the city at an amazing value. Never judge a book by its cover. I went in the other night after reading some recent reviews, and ordered the Omakase with all sashimi. It was on par with some of the best sushi places in the city, at only a fraction of the price ($95 per person plus around $30 for sake pairings). 

          Here are some of the dishes we enjoyed; all selections from the in season menu with delicious marinades and accompaniments.

          My favorites were definitely the Maine Uni with lemon and seared salmon with avocado, truffle, and scallops. 

          Because this place is so small, I highly suggest making a reservation. I prefer the sushi bar to watch the chefs and all of the dishes come out, but either way you will not be disappointed!

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