Monday, July 21, 2014

Martin Codax Wine Dinner at Row 34

          Last week I had the chance to attend a dinner at Row 34 hosted by the Spanish Wine Maker Bodegas Martin Codax. Bodegas Martín Códax was founded in 1986 and named after a Galician troubadour and poet. The winery was originally set up by 270 members, and relies on the collaboration of 300 families to supply grapes. As a big family, they work together to ensure their wines have the highest possible quality while also focusing the environment and reducing its carbon footprint. Promoting sustainability is an objective for all of the winery staff, making this a priority of all the members of the enterprise. 

          At the wine dinner, we sampled the 2012 Albariño which the tasting notes describe as

          "...delicate and medium bodied with a crisp, dry finish. Flavors of ripe apple, peach, pear and lemon zest are framed by bright minerality and hints of spice. This Albariño displays intense floral aromas and an attractive acidity, making it a versatile, food friendly wine.

          Albariño is generally intended to be enjoyed young within a year or two after harvest. For the perfect food pairing, try a glass of Martín Códax Albariño with seasonal shellfish. Due to its bright minerality and lively acidity, the wine lends itself perfectly to seafood fare and cuisine that is a mainstay of the Rías Baixas region where Albariño is grown."

           The description was spot on, and the Albariño was a perfect pairing with all of the dishes we tried including oysters on the half shell, ceviche, bass crudo, and butter poached lobster. It even went well with the pound cake for dessert!

          Row 34 is one of my favorite seafood restaurants, and while I've asked for wine recommendations in the past the Albariño could definitely be my new go to. At an average of $15 suggested retail it would be affordable even with the standard markup, and pair with just about everything on the menu!

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