Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Besito Mexican

          Besito Mexican, the authentic Mexican restaurant venture from highly-acclaimed restaurateur John Tunney III, recently opened the first of its two MA locations in the Burlington Mall. Translated as “little kiss,” Besito Mexican’s cuisine is prepared carefully and with great affection for Mexican tradition and served to guests in a vibrant, intimate atmosphere. Prior to opening his first Besito Mexican location in 2006, Tunney traveled extensively throughout Mexico establishing a connection with its people and cuisine. Tunney knew then that he was embarking on something special: a chance to celebrate not just Mexican food but the Mexican culture.

          With a focus on fresh, authentic and house made ingredients, Besito Mexican offers a diverse menu that showcases an intimate knowledge of traditional cuisine. The menu was developed by Executive Chef Carlos Arellano, whose culinary journey began at the age of 12 while working at his family’s Mexico City cevicheria, and Executive Chef Scott Wojcik, who helms the original store in New York. The kitchen brings to life Mexican classics that are sure to satisfy the taste buds of connoisseurs and selective eaters, alike.

          I recently had the opportunity to try the newly opened Burlington location, and had a fantastic meal.  The space felt upscale, yet warm and inviting.

          The drink menu includes 75 tequilas alongside a well-rounded selection of cervezas, sangria and creative cocktails. The tequila menu includes a wide range of tequilas from the unaged Blancos, to the more refined Reposados all the way to Anejos and Extra Anejos which can be aged over five years. Several flights of three Tequilas (all different styles) were also available. In addition to the extensive tequila collection, the restaurant also offers smoky Mezcals, traditional Mexican beers, such as Corona and Nedro Modelo, as well as a selection of their favorite red, white and sparkling wines from the United States, Spain and South America. I went with the Partida Natural Margarita with agave nectar and quite enjoyed it.

           The bf and I started with some apps to share including tableside guacamole and taquitos de camarones: soft tacos with crispy shrimp, chipotle cream salsa, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and cilantro. Both were delicious, and I appreciated the guacamole preparation with plenty of fresh tomato and red onion and not too much lime juice. The warm chips and fresh salsa were also delicious.

          I ordered one of my usual favorites, tacos al pastor as my entree. The pork was delicious, charred on the outside but still tender and flavorful. This was a huge portion, but somehow I managed to eat every bite.

          I stole a few bites of the bf's carnitas with black bean jalepeno salsa, salsa molcajete, bacon, queso fresco, onions, and cilantro. I enjoyed this dish even though I'm not usually crazy about mole. 

          Although our entrees came with unlimited rice and beans we had to try the tamale de elote (corn tamale) and elotes de la calle (grilled corn topped lime, chile, and cheese). I couldn't pick a favorite and would order both of these again.

          We were too full for dessert, but when our server brought over two churros to go we immediately dived into and finished them at the table. 

          At the end of each meal they also give you a tiny doll to place under your pillow to make all of your bad dreams go away.

          I loved my meal at Besito and definitely plan to go back - next time I'll take the advice of a fellow blogger and order dessert first!

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  1. This fine Mexican restaurant is aptly named, as the food they serve looks as delightful as sweet kisses. There’s just a lot of reason to go back again and again to this wonderful place! I hope each of your visits were as pleasant as your first one. Cheers!

    Diane Baker @ Alejandra’s Restaurant