Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Guide to Southie

          If you follow my blog you know that I've recently moved to Southie and have been having a great time exploring the neighborhood! When I first moved I wasn't sure where to go for groceries, what gym to join, or what the best neighborhood restaurants were so I've decided to compile my own list in this guide to Southie.
The Lincoln - This is definitely a local favorite for drinks, dinner, and brunch. I've never seen the bar less than packed, even on a weeknight! The menu has tons of great stuff, but my favorite was the brunch. read my full post here.

Franklin Café - This is my favorite neighborhood spot for tapas, with tons of creative dishes like General Tsaos chicken wings that you can read all about here. Though I haven't tried the brunch yet it's near the top of my list!
Telegraph Hill - As the closest bar within walking distance of my condo, this has quickly become a regular spot. I've tried a handful of dishes including the burger, the special $.50 cent wings (I believe these are Tuesdays and Thursdays) and turkey tips. My bf also loves the Sheppard's pie. They have a great selection of beers on tap (18 microbrews) and reasonably priced wines by the glass.
PS Gourmet - This place reminds me of my old south shore favorite, Mary Lou's. The coffee comes in a ton of creative flavors like snickerdoodle and white chocolate chip and they are brewed rather than flavored with sugary syrups which is hard to find.
Foodies - Just go there. This is a like a mini, more affordable Whole Foods. They have tons of fresh meat, seafood and produce plus a really great selection of prepared foods. The rotisserie chickens and shrimp salad have become a staple for me. They also have a good selection of products for those with dietary restrictions including almond milk, chickpea and almond flour, and gluten free pasta.
Wine / Beer Shop:
Social Wines - This is my favorite wine shop in Boston. They have a huge selection of natural wines, my favorite, and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I've gone in several times, described the style of wine I like and come out with some amazing bottles! Most of the wines I've tried are in the $18-$35 range; they try to buy local and from smaller lesser known wineries whenever possible which makes them more affordable. Read my full review here.


Boston Athletic Club - While there are plenty of specialty studios in the area (including barre, yoga, and spin) BAC includes all of these in their regular membership package at a fraction of the price. For the variety, plus a full gym, pool, locker room, steam room, and free parking this is definitely the best value in anywhere in Boston. The facility is large and well maintained, and overall I've been happier with this gym than any other I've belonged to in the past.
I have a few places on my list to try including:
  • Local 149
  • Row 34
  • American Provisions (specialty food store)

          What are your favorite places in Southie? If you know of places I haven't mentioned, let me know in the comments section!

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  1. Amrheins is a great spot...they'll even pick you up if you live in Southie! The lobster mac & cheese is garnished with a fried lobster claw. Tavolo isn't exactly Southie, but is a great spot not too far...it's the sister restaurant to Ashmont Grill.