Sunday, January 12, 2014


          A few weeks ago the bf and I were in the mood for some good Italian, so we decided to check out Sorrellina in Back Bay. I started with the oysters as an appetizer. They came with a meyer lemon granita that was icy, and very lemony!

Oysters: East coast, meyer lemon granita, English cucumber mignonette
          We shared an appetizer portion of the maccheroncelli for a second course. It was the perfect size, and the waygu meatballs and montepulciano sauce were incredibly rich and flavorful.

Maccheroncelli: American Wagyu beef meatballs, Montepulciano sauce and Parmigiano
           I ordered the lamb chops for my main course; these were delicious and cooked perfectly. The carrot and potato purees made it the perfect winter dish, but were light enough that the dish wasn't too heavy.

Lamb Chops: grilled Colorado, rosemary-carrot pureé, fingerling potatoes, marsala
          We shared three desserts, and they were all amazing! I expected the zeppole to be my favorite, but surprisingly it ended up being the semifreddo.

Cioccolato: warm molten chocolate cake, madagascar bourbon vanilla bean gelato

Semifreddo: chocolate hazelnut, frangelico cream, candied hazelnut

Zeppole: Italian doughnut, spiced caramel rum crema
          Overall it was a great meal, and I would definitely go back.

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