Saturday, June 1, 2013

Marea, NY

          Marea has been at the top of my list of NY restaurants to try for years now, for a few reasons:
      1. Two Michelin Stars - Need I say more?
      2. The Top Chef Master's New York's Finest episode had me sold
      3. Italian Seafood is one of my favorites, and you don't often see a whole restaurant dedicated to the concept

          So on our recent trip to Manhattan (which the bf and I now refer to as the Italian Tour of NYC), we absolutely had to try it with the friends we were visiting! Marea has an extensive menu including crudo, oysters, caviar service, pasta, and simply prepared seafood dishes. Although they offer a tasting menu and a four course pre fix menu for $99 (an amazing deal!) we decided to order a la carte, so we could try everything we wanted and not be limited in the number of courses.

          I started with the crudo trio, and selected the Tonno (bigeye tuna, oyster crema, crispy artichoke), Spigola Nera (local black bass, sturgeon caviar, mussel vinaigrette), and Scampi (pacific langoustine, murray river pink salt). These were two bites each and all outstanding, but my favorite by far was the langoustine which just melted in your mouth.

          Next was the Moleche, a 
hazelnut crusted softshell crab, with cippolini onion, apricots, and purslane. I love softshell crab, and the fried hazelnut crust made a fantastic crispy coating.

          The next course was the Tortelli, shrimp and proscuitto ravioli with mussels and sorrel. When I looked at the menu I wasn't as excited about the pasta courses, but ordered one because everyone else did. Sometimes peer pressure can be a good thing, because this ended up being my favorite dish all night! The ravioli were incredibly fresh, and I couldn't get enough of the rich sauce that came with the dish!

          At this point I would have been completely satisfied, but my main course the halibut with salsa verde crust, spring onions, morels, potatoes, and peas was next. This was a beautiful piece of fish, and a nice light, summertime dish.

          Despite being too full to finish my entree, somehow there is always room for dessert (especially when the dessert involves doughnuts)!

          The bombolini with, rosemary, chocolate sauce, and spiced honey was the perfect ending to the meal and I ate them all!

          Overall the food and service at Marea were outstanding, and definitely worthy of the two Michelin stars. I hope to dine there again in the future.

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