Sunday, June 16, 2013


          As a huge fan of TW Food, I've been dying to try Bronwyn the Chef / Owner's new German style restaurant which opened recently in Somerville's Union Square. I finally made it in tonight with the bf, sampled a huge portion of the menu, and had an amazing meal! We weren't sure where to start, so we let our server Cory do the choosing for us and he crafted what felt like a tasting menu for us (though they were full portions) with beer pairings that complemented the food perfectly.

          We started with the giant haus bretzel, a giant soft pretzel served with an apple horseradish mustard. It was definitely the best pretzel I've ever had, and the sauce added both a sweet and spicy contrast to the pretzel's saltiness.

          I enjoyed the pretzel with a glass of Michael Plank Heller Weissbock, which was delicious and so rich I sipped it slowly throughout most of the meal.

           Next were a few dishes from the small plates menu including the Pierogi with smoked kale and egg remoulade, the knodel: a bacon bread dumpling served with white peaches and peach puree, and the Rebekuchen: a horseradish potato pancake topped with garlic scapes and housemade applesauce. They were all delicious, but my favorite was the knodel.


          Next was the wurst platter, which included one of each of the sausages from the menu:
  • Spicy Bierwurst - pork, egg, paprika, cucumber bacon sauce
  • Knocker - smoked beef and pork, souerkraut
  • Kielbasa - cream poached, coriander, garlic, marjoram, farm greens
  • Currywurst - chicken, pork, grilled apple, curry
  • Lemon Weisswurst - veal, pork, herbs, grilled candied lemons
  • Zungenblutwurst - blood, tonuge, pork, sweet and sour cherries
This was such a huge portion, we ended up taking most of it home. I tried a bite of each except for the zungenblutwurst, since I'm not a fan of blood sausage. My favorites were the kielbasa (completely unlike any I've ever had) and the currywurst, which was a really unique and different flavor.

          For our main course we shared the spatzle with comte cheese, carmelized onions, asparagus, and mint with a side of gurkensalat (a cucumber salad with fresh dill). The spatzle was possibly my favorite dish of the night, but we ended up wrapping up most of it so we'd have room for dessert! Our server recommended a beer to go with it that tasted like pure honey, and really brought out the flavors of the comte.

           We finished with the berliner for dessert, lemon and raspberry filled doughnuts with a side of chocolate sauce. These were so good on their own, they didn't need the sauce (although it was a nice touch)!

          I enjoyed everything I tried at Bronwyn, and the service was outstanding. I will definitely be back.

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