Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Strip T's

          My company's recent acquisition meant we moved our offices to Watertown, and more importantly, new lunch options! Strip T's is my new favorite that I just discovered last week, and I've already been back twice! It's a tiny place with a lunch menu that includes a mix of salads, sandwiches and entrees. I've tried a couple of things so far, and heard great things about many of the menu items from my coworkers.

          The grilled romaine salad is amazing! Slices of grilled romaine lettuce are topped with a huge portion of shredded, braised oxtail, a poached egg, and slightly spicy chili vinaigrette. The oxtail is melt in your mouth tender, and the poached egg is cooked so that when you break it open the warm yolk mixes with the beef and vinaigrette, creating the perfect dressing.

          The fried chicken is also delicious; crispy and served with a side of honey for dipping. 

          Although I haven't tried the sandwiches yet, I've heard the fried cauliflower and NY's pho real (spicy Thai chicken) are just as good!

          One of my awesome new coworkers was kind enough to email me her review of the Greek salad. In her exact words it was:
    • Fresh and crisp
    • Dressing was tangy with a hint of a sweet finish (I think it’s homemade – you may want to ask)
    • Big chunks of feta, just salty enough (sometimes feta is too salty, but this was not)
    • Love the pickled peppers and red onions topping the salad
    • Sundried tomatoes a good touch
    • Nice serving of fresh bread & butter to balance out the “I’m eating so few calories right now” feeling :P
    • Nom, nom, I would eat it again for sure!

                I've definitely found my regular lunch spot in Watertown! I can't wait to try some of the sandwiches and check them out for dinner!

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