Sunday, November 4, 2012

Product Review: Choffy

Love chocolate? Or coffee? Check out Choffy! Choffy is brewed chocolate made from 100% premium similar cocoa beans. It is similar to both hot chocolate and coffee, but much more natural and healthy at only twenty calories per eight ounce serving, no sugar, gluten, dairy, or chemicals, and minimal caffeine. The beans are roasted and ground, and can be prepared in a coffee maker or  french press (just like coffee).
I sampled my first glass of warm Choffy at Boston Style Fixx  earlier this fall and I’m hooked!

I received a complimentary bag to take with me that night, and I’ve tried it several different ways since. It’s great black or with a touch of almond milk, but my favorite is on a cool night with a splash of baileys! 
To learn more or order some of your own visit independent distributor Angela McIllece’s website or Facebook page.

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