Sunday, November 25, 2012


          Salts is a tiny French bistro in Central Square, featuring delicious local seasonal cuisine (and some of the prettiest food pictures I've taken). I tried it several years ago after the Maitre d' at Per Se told me it was her favorite restaurant in Boston and had an amazing experience. I just recently went back and tried the fall tasting menu, which showcased locally sourced meats and vegetables grown in their own organic farm in Canterbury, NH.

          We started with the heirloom squash bisque, with quince, a terrine of fois gras, and chamomile foam. The server brought the fois gras and quince over in a bowl and poured the bisque on top. The terrine was like a layer of silky custard at the bottom of the bowl, and I loved the combination with the squash and tried to get a little in each bite.

          Next was the salad of farm vegetables, edible dirt, and creamy goat cheese. This was possibly the winner in terms of presentation, and I loved the creativity (I’d never think of including dirt, but this worked)!

          Our third course was the scallops, which came with poached lobster, seared pork belly, and baby manila clams. The whole thing was served in a chowder sauce (a light creamy broth), and I loved the take on a classic New England style chowder.

          The next course was a sweet potato agnolotti served with brussels sprout leaves, celery route purée, locally foraged mushrooms, roasted cocoa bean, and shaved parmesan.

          Our final savory course was a hickory smoked beef sous vide served with truffle sauce and four types of salt (two volcanic and two sea salts).

          The first of the two dessert courses, the Yuzu parfait with huckleberries, was light and refreshing, a perfect palate cleanser.

          The final course of the evening was the perfect end to a fantastic meal: a chocolate torte, with peanut butter powder, peanut butter caramel, and caramelized bananas.

          I loved my latest meal at Salts and the food was just as good as I remembered. Next time I go back, I’ll make it a point to try the specialty – a whole roasted duck for two! Salts on Urbanspoon

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