Monday, August 20, 2012

Longman and Eagle

         I strategically planned my trip to Chicago so that I could hit as many Michelin starred restaurants as possible. This meant that if a place served brunch or lunch, I was most likely doing that rather than dinner. In my research I found three Michelin restaurants serving brunch, and as soon as I looked at the menu for Longman and Eagle I knew I had to go. The southern style classics looked amazing, and I spent the next day obsessing over whether I would try the chicken and waffles or biscuits and gravy.

          When we arrived by cab, I was surprised at how small and non-descript the place seemed. The reviews had described it as a hipster restaurant, but I wasn’t expecting the tiny dining room, jukebox, and extensive bourbon and craft beer selection. We also learned that they rent a few rooms above the restaurant to overnight solo travelers.

          Our server Jane came over and was extremely friendly; she offered recommendations and explained that they use local seasonal ingredients whenever possible. I told her the purpose of the trip, my dilemma on what to order, and even though they don’t normally do half orders of the biscuits and gravy she convinced the kitchen to make one for me so I could try that and the chicken and waffles. I was glad she did, because both were the best I’ve ever had!

         We started with an amuse of plum bread while we waited for our entrees. It was delicious – light, moist, and sweet.

         When the main courses came out, I tried the biscuits and gravy first. These were amazing; the gravy was thick, creamy, and a little spicy and went perfectly with the hearty biscuits. I almost devoured the entire plate within seconds, but forced myself to stop so I’d have room for the chicken.

         I was equally impressed by the chicken and waffles. The chicken was the most tender I’ve had, and the batter light and flaky. It was served with a thick waffle, topped with pork belly and sweet potato hash. The pork belly melted in your mouth and I had trouble not picking out the pieces out and eating it on its own. The chicken didn’t have a ton of seasoning, it was obviously meant to be eaten with the waffle and syrup but I enjoyed each of the components so much I ate them separately so I could completely enjoy each.

         I didn’t finish my meal, but I was impressed with how close I came and completely stuffed! When our server brought over a fresh donut to take on the plane I was tempted to try it right there but just couldn’t do it. It didn’t make it to the plane, we ate it a few hours later as snack and agreed it was one of the best donuts we’ve had. It was filled with homemade peach jam and topped with a cardamom and ginger sugar.

          Everything from the food to the service at Longman and Eagle completely blew me away. I will definitely try them for dinner my next trip to Chicago, and although I don’t repeat restaurant meals on vacation as a general rule this might become a regular Chicago spot for breakfast!


  1. Hey girl! Looks like a fun and yummy trip. :) See ya at the boston bloggers meet up on Monday?

  2. Hey! I'll be there, glad you're going too!