Monday, August 6, 2012


          I tried Fugakyu recently, after not having been for several years. I was reminded of how delicious it is and wondered why I hadn’t been back sooner! Both the food and atmosphere are impressive; the place is huge, with rooms to eat in traditional Japanese style on the floor and the standard American tables. They have a pond with real fish in the lobby, and a sushi bar where you can grab small plates off sushi off boats as they float by.

          I tried a mix of appetizers and sushi, starting with the Miso soup. It was very good, not too salty like Miso can be, and the seaweed was extremely fresh.

          Next I tried the beef Carpaccio. This isn’t something I’d normally order, but I really enjoyed it. The beef was very tender and I loved flavor of the toasted garlic.

          The tuna tartare was next, and this was some of the best I’ve had. It was a generous portion served in a martini glass with tempura flakes and spicy mayo mixed in.

         I finished with a spicy tuna roll and black tiger maki. The spicy tuna roll was very fresh, and like the tuna tartare had tempura flakes. The black tiger maki was one of my favorites; it came with tuna, asparagus, and avocado on the inside, and seared salmon and tiger shrimp on the outside. This came with the whole tiger shrimp, and what wasn't in the roll was on the side in the shell and could be eaten like lobster. It was delicious and a fantastic presentation!


         I enjoyed everything I tried at Fugakyu, and will definitely be back. I’ve been craving sushi ever since!

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