Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eastern Standard

          This past weekend I went to a blogger meet up at Eastern Standard, where I got to try some delicious food and drinks, and chat with some new and familiar faces! The bar is definitely a hot spot, and on a Friday night it was packed. Despite the crowd and busy atmosphere, we never felt rushed and our server took the time to explain all the menu items to us in detail and answer all of our questions.

          We started with a new cocktail on the menu, the Garden Grove. Our server explained that this was a shrub, or a vinegar-based cocktail, which is an old now new trend. The drink also included blackberry and thyme, and was tart but refreshing the same time. It was a nice twist on a summer drink menu.

          The first dish we sampled was a flatbread with sautéed tomatoes, nicoise olives, and melted cheese. This dish was light and perfect for sharing.

           We also tried a cheese and charcuterie plate, with beef summer sausage, minted lamb andouille, goat cheese, a raw cow’s milk cheese, cherries, cornichon, and toasted mini baguettes. Everything tasted great, but my favorites were the lamb andouille and the goat cheese.

          The fried chicken livers came out next. This was something I’d never had before, and it tasted almost like a cross between sweet breads and fois gras.

          Next was my favorite dish of the night, the roasted bone marrow. This came with three small bones, you scoop the marrow out and spread it on toast with sea salt and a gremolata. I loved the flavor of the bone marrow so much, I didn’t even use the gremolata and just sprinkled a touch of sea salt on top. 

          The final savory dish we tried was the baked mac and cheese. This was incredibly cheesy and delicious and came with chunks of pancetta. This was definitely some of the best and mac and cheese that I’ve had.

          Unfortunately I had to leave before dessert was served, but I heard the fig tart and banana bread pudding were amazing. I will definitely be back at Eastern Standard soon for the full experience – appetizer, entrée, and dessert!

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