Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Taco Truck

          After hearing about it on facebook and twitter for the past month or so, I spotted the taco truck in Copley Square the other day and decided to give it a try.

         At first I thought the prices were a little high, $4-$5 each, but then I realized that was the price for two tacos (about the same as the New Haven taco places and the authentic restaurants in East Boston). I was a little disappointed they wouldn’t let me order one each of chicken, barbacoa (beef), and carnitas (pork) but I went with the barbacoa and the carnitas and decided I would just have to go back for the chicken.

          While I was waiting for my tacos (they’re all cooked fresh to order) I read the takeout menu and side of the truck, and was surprised to learn that all of the meats are vegetarian fed with no antibiotics or hormones. This is impressive, given that the prices aren’t much higher than competitors who certainly don’t use the same quality ingredients or have the commitment to sustainability.

          When my tacos were ready I ate them right there while they were hot, and they were delicious. Both the carnitas and the barbacoa were cooked perfectly and very flavorful. The barbacoa, which was a little bit spicier, was my favorite.



          This was a quick, cheap, and tasty meal and if I spot the truck again I will definitely try the chicken tacos (and possibly some of the other options). I’ve also heard they plan to open a brick and mortar location at some point, when they do I plan to check it out!

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