Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Belle Isle

          Over the weekend, I had a chance to try Belle Isle seafood in East Boston: a clam shack with some of the best seafood in the city. Until trying Belle Isle, I didn’t realize spots like this existed in Boston and had always traveled to the Cape to for this type of thing.

          We arrived around 1pm on a Sunday, and the line was almost out the door. It was shorter than it sounds since the place is so tiny, and I didn’t mind because it gave me some time to decide on my order. I finally decided on the clam chowder and lobster pie, and we shared a side of fried clams.

          The clam chowder was the perfect consistency, not too thick or thin. It was so full of clams, I only ate half for fear of not being able to enjoy the rest of my food.

          The fried clams were possibly the most impressive of the dishes that day. They were the biggest I’ve ever seen, and incredibly fresh and tasty.

          The lobster pie rivaled the clams, and was essentially a pound of cooked lobster baked with breadcrumbs, and served with a side of drawn butter. I had originally decided on the baked stuffed lobster, but the guy at the counter talked me into the pie and I was glad he did!

          I left Belle Isle completely stuffed, with a mental list of additional items to try when I go back. They also sell fresh fish, stuffed clams, and seafood casseroles to go and if I hadn't been on my way out for the afternoon I would've brought some home for dinner.

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