Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life Alive

          I’m not a vegetarian and most of the time I don’t even go for the healthy choice on the menu (no matter how much I say I well when I check it out online in advance)! But, after hearing so many great things about Life Alive in Central Square (from vegetarians and non) I decided to check it out.

          When you walk in there are plants everywhere, and shelves of fresh fruit and vegetables. I noticed right away the big selection of homemade juices and was disappointed that they were unavailable (the juicer was broken that day).

          There was a little bit of a line, and I was ok with that because it gave me a chance to read the menu thoroughly and decide what to try. Several of the friends I was with recommended The Adventurer, but I decided to play it a little safe and ordered the Swami with tofu because it sounded similar to some of the Thai curry dishes I know I like.

          The swami came with brown rice, miso curry sauce, broccoli, carrots, raisins, and almonds, and I added tofu. The flavors were delicious together, I loved the curry sauce, and all of the vegetables were cooked perfectly! The almonds had kind of a smoky flavor, and were sliced thin to give it just the right amount of crunch. I also tried a bite of the rebel (with avocado) and while I liked the combination of the ginger and beets, the swami was my favorite.

          I was surprised at how much I liked this place, and how many dishes sounded appealing to me. At first I thought I might just be going for the novelty and to see what all of the hype was about, but I’m excited to go back and try other dishes (and the fresh squeezed juices)!

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