Friday, January 22, 2016

Beta Burger

          I recently had the chance to try out Beta Burger in Mission Hill with Blog and Tweet Boston. Beta Burger is a fast food style restaurant, but serves a much healthier and tastier burger than your typical spot. Here's what makes them so different:

Beta Burger is a fully customizable burger that uses innovative technology to slow cook a burger in a cVap oven that mimics “sous vide” by slow cooking in water vapo. The result is an incredibly juicy burger, minus the grease. It's perfect for individuals who enjoy fast food, but are also health conscious.

          I arrived a bit early and had the chance to chat with the owner Adrian who explained the process. The burgers are slow cooked sous vide style all day long, and then finished on the grill to order to give it that sear. Adrian also pointed out that some of Boston's most popular burgers including Craigie on Main and Alden and Harlow are cooked using the same method.

          There are quite a few toppings available for order including grilled onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, bacon, a not so special sauce (aioli) and the house made steak sauce. Adrian recommended the steak sauce, explaining that the burger is more like a steak than your typical burger.

          I tried mine with no bun, and topped it with onions, mushrooms, steak sauce, cheddar, and bacon. It was delicious, and definitely the most tender fast food style burger I've ever had! It was also nice to enjoy my burger without feeling guilty about all of the fat and calories.

          Adrian also told us about the burger of the month which had several of your typical toppings and marshmallows! He explained the idea behind it, which is that good food should have elements of fat, salt, and sweetness. Burgers already have fat and salt, and the marshmallow was intended to add sweetness. We were all afraid to order one for ourselves, but decided to get a couple for the group and cut them up so that we could all try a bite. It was surprisingly good, and you hardly tasted the marshmallow but it did add just the right amount of sweetness. I would order this again sometime.

           The fries were also delicious, and came with different flavors of seasoning salt. The garlic and parmesan was a huge hit with our group!

           Beta Burger is named beta because they're constantly trying to improve and create the best product. I can't wait to check out the burger and fries again and see what changes they've made!
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