Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Loco Taqueria and Oyster Bar

          One of Southie's most anticipated restaurants opened last night; the owners of the Lincoln opened up a taco and oyster bar just across the street. The place was completely packed on opening night, and definitely unlike anything else in Southie!

          When I first heard about the concept, I thought it sounded interesting but wondered how the tacos and raw bar would fit together. After looking at the menu, it all made sense. The raw bar included several different types of ceviche dishes (and after talking to the Chef we learned he plans to add even more), and each of the crudo dishes had a bit of a latin flare. The tacos were on the upscale side (although very affordable) and included plenty of seafood and vegetarian options.

          Instead of the traditional chips and salsa, they brought over some sliced cucumbers in a spicy vinaigrette to start. I loved these, and was glad to have a healthy alternative!

          The fiance and I shared a couple of items from the raw bar including sea bass ceviche with amarillo leche de tigre, green mango, and thai basil ice, and the tuna crudo with avocado, lime cream, and tempura flakes. I loved both of these, they were both incredibly creative with great combinations of sweet and savory flavors. I'm really excited to go back and try some of the other types of ceviche.

          The fiance ordered the queso dip with chihuahua queso and crumbled chorizo. Although I was trying to be healthy, I couldn't resist stealing a few bites! The chorizo was sweet and spicy at the same time, and the dip had bits of spicy peppers and roasted garlic.

          I ordered the lobster tacos with griddle onions, warm pickled corn and butter relish for my main course and the fiance ordered the carne asada. Each order came with two tacos, which was the perfect size after all of the apps.

          I was impressed with how excellent both the food and service were on opening night, especially given how busy it was. I can see Loco definitely becoming a new hot spot in the neighborhood!

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