Saturday, January 24, 2015

Brunch at Papagayo

          You may have seen my post about Karaoke brunch at Papagayo; if you sing your meal is free and for the month of January all brunch entrees are 1/2 price (whether you sing or not).

          Last weekend I went to check it out with group of bloggers, and yes we did sing!

          There was a buffet that looked delicious, as well as several great menu options I would've liked to try. Since I've been trying to eat healthy, I went with the roasted turkey and avocado omelet with egg whites and extra greens. It was delicious and definitely filling!

          I tried a tiny bite of the french toast (yum)! and drooled over the eggs benedict and some of the other Mexican dishes.


          I did splurge on a Bloody Mary (extra spicy),  to prepare me for singing karoake! I had the traditional version with vodka, but I heard Papagayo's version with tequila was also amazing. 

          In addition to the karaoke brunch, Papagayo also has some amazing promotions coming up in February. 

  1. On Superbowl Sunday, all diners will receive their food for free if the patriots win. If they lose, meals will be half price. The only catch is you must purchase a beverage and be there at kick off. Reservations are also mandatory for operational staffing.
  2. They also have  some amazing specials on Valentine's Day for singles and couples. Check out all of the details here.

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