Saturday, August 30, 2014


           I tried Pastoral in Fort Point for the first time a few weeks ago. The place was packed, and though they seemed to have a few issues to work out (the food and drinks were very slow to come out) the meal was excellent.

          We started with two crudo to share; one was a bass our server told us was caught just a few hours before by a local fisherman. Of course we had to try it, and it was amazing! The bass came topped with citrus and a pickled cherry vinaigrette.

           The second crudo was a tuna with pickled watermelon, radish, and extra virgin olive oil. This was also delicious, and I enjoyed the combination of tuna and watermelon which was something I hadn't seen before.

           We decided to share a pizza, and I was a little disappointed when the pizza with duck confit, fois gras, and cherries with wasn't on the menu - doesn't it sound amazing?? We ordered the calamari pizza instead, which came topped with plenty of fried calamari, spicy peppers, red and yellow tomatoes, and arugula. Though I enjoyed the calamari, I really hope they bring the duck back so I can try it!

            Due to a slight mix up, we ended with the rest of our appetizers after the pizza. The chicken liver mousse served over thick crostini and topped with onions, capers, and parmesan was outstanding. The baked bread knot was stuffed with tons of roasted garlic and gooey mozzarella.

          I really enjoyed all of the food and the price was very reasonable ($111 for two people including two drinks each). I hope they work out the kinks because they place has a lot of potential. I plan to give them another try in a few weeks (or few months) once they've had the chance.

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