Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Uni Sashimi Bar

          The bf and I recently tried the tasting menu at Uni Sashimi Bar. There are a couple of options including 10 courses for $115, 12 for $135, and optional supplements including A5 Wagyu (+$50) and caviar (varies). We went for the larger tasting menu with the A5 supplement plus and additional course (we HAD to try the Japanese fried chicken).

Tomato water martini with caper berry and a frozen tomato lollipop
Hama Hama oyster, green almond, cava foam
Smoked Uni Spoon (Sea Urchin, Maine) Quail Egg Yolk,Osetra Caviar, Chives

Snapper cucumber, jalepenos, ginger, blood orange poured over the top to make ceviche
Striped Japanese jack with black sesame and citrus
Razer clam marcona almond romesco sauce
Lubina (Bass, Spain) Green Charmoula (like a chimichurri), Sultanas, Preserved Lemon Gremolata
Ankimo (Monkfish Liver, Japan) Mezcal Ponzu, Wakame Croquant, Momiji Oroshi 
Tako (Octopus, Japan) Hot Sesame Oil, Soy, Ginger, cilantro
Clam two ways, korean fried belly, sashimi with cucumber
Spicy Tuna & Foie Gras Tataki (Yellowfin, Pacific) Buddha’s Hand, Goat Cheese, Black Walnut
Barbequed Unagi (Fresh Water Eel, Japan) Seasoned Rice, Sesame, Pickled Gobo
(Japanese Fried Chicken) Kim Chee, Chinese Hot Mustard, Sancho Pepper
A5 Japanese Wagyu Sirloin (Miyazaki, Japan) Lichen, Broccoli, Sukiyaki (Supplement)
Flourless chocolate cake

          Each dish was flawless in terms of flavor combinations and presentation. My favorites were the oyster, uni spoon, and of course the A5 (literally the best steak in the world). I also really enjoyed the creativity of the monkfish liver creme brulee. 

          Service was impeccable, and we especially appreciated the wine director's recommended pairings. We went and bought a bottle of the same Malvasia a couple of days later!

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