Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mei Mei

          I was craving late breakfast one Saturday in town, and decided to check out the new Mei Mei restaurant in Kenmore. I'm a huge fan of the food truck (read my post here), but haven't had my double awesome fix since moving out of Boston.

          The restaurant is fairly small with only a handful of tables, but plenty there is plenty of counter space to sit down and enjoy your meal. The menu is written on a chalkboard (similar to the truck) and includes most of the food truck standards including the double awesome, rice porridge, magical kale salad, and daily dumpling selection.

         There were some new items that sounded tempting, but I had my heart set on the double awesome: a scallion pancake sandwich, stuffed with two slow poached then fried eggs, housemade pesto, and white cheddar cheese. It was just as awesome as always, but much easier to eat sitting down. The pancake is thick, but light and flaky like a crepe. The eggs are runny and no matter how you eat it, it will be messy. I don't mind this, however, I like eating the second half of the sandwich with egg yolk from the first half all over it.

          While part of the fun of eating Asian street food can be trying to catch the truck, now that I don't live near a regular stop I prefer the convenience of the stand alone location. I will definitely be back.

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