Sunday, September 8, 2013

Union Square Donuts

          Union Square Donuts recently opened in Somerville, and I've been hearing a ton of buzz about them over the past few months. According to their Facebook page they're officially open 8AM - 3PM Thurs - Sun but I've heard they close when they run out of doughnuts, which can be as early as 9AM on the weekends.

          I'd been waiting to for the buzz to die down a bit before making the trip to Somerville, so I was psyched when someone brought a few boxes to work TWO Fridays in a row! These flavors were unlike any I've ever seen. I sampled several including almond honey, orange creamsicle, chocolate chipotle, and sea salted bourbon caramel. My two favorites were the almond honey and sea salted bourbon caramel. After tasting enough bites to equate to a whole doughnut for breakfast, I snagged a second almond honey and saved it for lunch.

          It was huge, but surprisingly light and airy rather than dense and cakey like other doughnut shops in the area. It was lightly glazed with honey and topped with lots of thin sliced toasted almonds.

           Sadly, I did not get to try the maple bacon, which I've heard rave reviews about. It was by far the most popular with my coworkers; the box disappeared within seconds! I'll definitely stop by the shop in Somerville soon so I can experience it first hand!

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