Friday, October 26, 2012

Oya's 17 Course Tasting Menu

          Oya is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. It's a special occasion kind of place, but I try to make it in once a year. I rarely post about a restaurant more than once, but since my first post on Oya was more of a recap covering highlights from several visits I've decided to write about my latest meal in its entirety (all 20+ courses).

          I went with a couple of foodie friends, and we were thrilled to be seated at the center of the sushi bar where we could watch the Chefs prepare what can only be described as works of art! Although we ordered the 17 course tasting, Oya was generous enough to bring out a few bonus courses for us to try!

          The meal started with lighter courses from the nigiri portion of the menu, and progressed gradually to sashimi, cooked dishes, and desserts. Although wine pairings were available, we asked our server to recommend sake and wine by the glass that would work well with several courses each.

Kumamoto Oyster, watermelon pearls, cucumber mignonette

Hamachi, spicy banana pepper mousse

Salmon Tataki, torched tomato, smoked salt, onion aioli

Warm Eel, thai basil, kabayaki, fresh kyoto sansho

Homemade Fingerling Potato Chip, burgundy truffle

Wild Santa Barbara Spot Prawn, garlic butter, white soy, preserved yuzu

Fried Kumamoto Oyster, yuzu kosho aioli, squid ink bubbles

Wild Bluefin Maguro, soy braised garlic, micro greens

Kyoto Style Enoki Mushrooms, garlic, soy

Shima Aji & Santa Barbara Sea Urchin, ceviche vinaigrette, cilantro

Scottish Salmon, spicy sesame ponzu, yuzu kosho, scallion oil

Hamachi, viet mignonette, thai basil, shallot

Bluefin Tuna Tataki, smoky pickled onion, truffle oil

Shiso Tempura with Grilled Lobster, charred tomato, ponzu aioli

Electric Eel, tamago, fois gras, kyoto sansho

Grilled Chanterelle and Shitake Mushroom Sashimi, rosemary garlic oil, sesame froth, soy

Kushiyaki of Strip Loin, roasted onion, yuzu kosho, maple soy sauce

Seared Petite Strip Loin, potato confit, sea salt, white truffle oil.

Fois Gras, balsamic chocolate kabayaki, claudio corallo raisin cocoa pulp

Yuzu Curd, almond blackberry - jasmine, meringue

Warm Mochi Cake, soy gelato, coconut kaffir, blackberry

Passion Fruit - Mango, white chocolate - coconut - soy milk, lychee -shiso

          Every dish we tried was phenomenal, even things such as eel and sea urchin which I wouldn’t normally order. The staff was attentive and friendly, checking in throughout our meal, and helping us make notes on our menus which they gave us to take home! Having been to Oya several times now and tried both the larger and smaller tasting menus, I will probably order the smaller when I return. I left feeling full but didn’t have trouble finishing like I have in the past. 


  1. I love that you make it a point to come here once a year, I concur (from one visit where I did the grand omakase) O Ya is amazing.

  2. I wish I could go once a week! Maybe someday...