Sunday, October 7, 2012

Four Burgers

           I recently attended a blogger meet up at Four Burgers in Back Bay, and enjoyed some great food and company!

           The concept is build your own burger (although they do offer suggestions) and the four burgers available are beef, turkey, salmon, and black bean. I was impressed by the commitment to health and sustainability. The beef is grass fed, the turkey hormone free, the black bean completely vegan, and the salmon wild caught. They are also very sensitive to guests with food allergies and have plenty of gluten and lactose free options available, and do not use nuts in their kitchen.

         I was also impressed by the beer selection; they had plenty of great craft brews available by the bottle. These were tempting but I decided to share a half bottle of pinot grigio, which we enjoyed.

          I was choosing between the beef and the salmon burger but when I heard about the special fifth burger, I had to try it! That night the special was lamb although they also offer bison, ostrich, and boar. I ordered it with the suggested cucumber feta salad on a whole-wheat bun, and it was delicious!

          A couple other bloggers ordered beef burgers topped with fried egg. These got rave reviews, and I will definitely have to try one next time!

          Several of us shared a vanilla shake and order of half regular half sweet potato fries. The shake was big enough for four, and fries more than enough for the whole table. The sweet potato were definitely my favorite!

         Thanks to Four Burgers for hosting a great event and for Jen aka the Boston Bachelorette for coordinating!


  1. That food looks so good. So sad I missed it! Hope to come to one of the next events!!

  2. I wish you could've been there! Will definitely keep you posted about any events we plan or hear about!

  3. I've been meaning to try Four Burgers forever. Clearly, I can't put it off any longer.