Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Red Cottage (Cape Cod)

        The Red Cottage is an old-fashioned diner in Dennis (Cape Cod), that serves breakfast and lunch and is extremely popular with the locals. It’s small, cash only, and I’m told it’s the best breakfast in town.

          I tried it during a recent trip to the Cape, and even during the off-season, there was a little bit of a wait. The menu had several options I would have liked to try including biscuits and gravy, and many different types of pancakes and French toast. I decided on the plantation breakfast based on our server’s recommendation, and was glad that I did. It included three pieces of ham hock (all on the bone), buttered grits, a fresh baked (and then grilled) biscuit, and two poached eggs. I tried each component individually, then mixed the egg yolk in with the grits, chopped up the ham into small bites, and layered it on top of the biscuit. It was all delicious, and worked really well together. The combination reminded me of a shrimp and grits appetizer (minus the shrimp) I recently enjoyed at a southern style restaurant in Boston.

          The breakfast at Red Cottage was the best I’ve had in a while and without having tried any others, I have no trouble believing it’s the best in town. I’m excited to go back to the Cape and eat there again; I’ve already decided the next two meals will be biscuits and gravy, and French toast foster!

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