Sunday, March 25, 2012

Equal Exchange Cafe

          Equal Exchange Café is located in the North End just across the street from the garden. I started going for coffee in the mornings because it’s a five-minute walk from my office. The coffee is great, all organic and fair trade, and they offer several dairy alternatives like almond and soymilk. However, I’ve recently started trying some of their bakery and lunch items, and have yet to try something I didn’t like.

          A lot of the food is brought in from other local restaurants; most of the bakery items come from Petsi Pies in Somerville. Everything always tastes fresh, homemade, and seems reasonably healthy. The muffins and other baked goods aren’t too sugary, and there are plenty of gluten free options available. Many of the lunch options are vegan (I believe some of the sandwiches are the only exception). I’ve tried several of the soups including mushroom barley, bean and barley, curried lentil, and rosemary chickpea, and they were all delicious, filling, and healthy. My favorite lunch item is the Vietnamese fresh roll (one serving comes with three rolls), which includes tofu, rice noodles and mixed vegetables in a rice paper wrapper. They’re served with a Thai peanut sauce that’s addicting!

          Equal Exchange is a great breakfast and lunch spot, and I eat there several times a week. It’s a healthy alternative to the sports bars and sub shops in the area, and provides a little variety.

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