Monday, March 12, 2012


Diva is an Indian restaurant in Davis square in Somerville, and a part of the One World Cuisine restaurant group. I really like several of their restaurants (Mela and Kashmir especially) so I was excited to try Diva and see how it compared. When I go out for Indian I usually do the buffet, and most of the local places have many of the same standard items. Diva doesn’t have a dinner buffet so this was a good opportunity to try some things I wouldn’t normally. We had a gift card for $25 and needed to spend $50 on food (not including drinks, tax, or tip). We were worried at first this would be difficult, but when we saw the menu it turned out to be easy. There were a ton of things we wanted to try, we were about spot on with the $50 and had a ton of leftovers. 

                We started with the tandoori mixed grill, which included boneless spiced chicken breast (tangari chicken), bone in tandoori chicken (chicken tika), lamb sausage (seekah kebob), and tandoori shrimp. Everything was delicious and this dish could have been a meal in itself; it came with white rice, salad, and a red curry sauce (similar to tika masala).

                For entrees, we ordered the lamb vindaloo, baingan bhartha (eggplant), and chicken naan. The lamb was served in a spicy tomato curry sauce with onions and potatoes, and the eggplant was mashed and mixed with curry and spices. Both were spicy, and tasted great with the chicken naan.

                The dinner at Diva was excellent, and up to the standard I’ve come to expect from One World Cuisine. I was glad I tried some new dishes, but I’m excited to go back to try the Sunday brunch buffet, which I’ve heard is one of the most impressive in the area.
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