Monday, January 2, 2012


Lolita is a restaurant and lounge in Copley Square with upscale Mexican food and drinks. It’s been one of my regular spots for cocktails since moving to Boston, but I only recently tried them for food. Both the drinks and atmosphere at Lolita are what brought me back several times, and what made me want to try them for dinner. Located on Dartmouth street right next to the Copley T stop, Lolita is sort of hidden with an unassuming door leading down into a basement below street level. Once you get inside it has a gothic feel with all red and black décor, dim lights, and lots of candles, couches, and decorations. 

Vodka cocktail with a hibiscus flower
When I saw the dinner menu, I was impressed by the creativity. Menu items included gourmet twists on traditional Mexican dishes such as duck tacos, lobster enchiladas, and guacamole with bacon. Although it was a tough decision, I opted for the ahi tuna tostada, duck tacos, pulled pork tacos, cornbread and brussel sprouts (for two of us to share). We started with an ahi tuna tostada appetizer, and this was my favorite dish of the meal. The tuna was cooked perfectly - pepper crusted and seared out the outside and rare on the inside. It was served with avocado and a spicy aioli on top of a crisp corn tortilla.

Tuna tostada
Next were the tacos and sides.  The duck tacos came with a mole sauce and the pulled pork with a Mexican style BBQ sauce. Both were good, but I preferred the pulled pork; the duck tacos were almost too rich and I had trouble finishing. The cornbread was baked in a skillet and served with a roasted garlic sauce; it was very good but I would have preferred it without the sauce, which was mostly butter. The brussel sprouts were roasted with bacon, onions, and Chile peppers – these were delicious and my second favorite dish of the night. 

Duck Tacos
Cornbread with roasted garlic sauce

Roasted brussel sprouts
                Overall, I enjoyed the meal at Lolita and will continue to go back now for food, drinks, and atmosphere. I've often found restaurants in the Newbury Street area to be overpriced for just average food. Lolita is certainly an exception; it is one of the best restaurants in the area and ranks in my top few for Mexican in Boston. 
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