Thursday, December 15, 2011

LuLu's Sweet Shoppe

In honor of National Cupcake Day, this post is dedicated to my favorite cupcake place of all time – Lulu’s in the North End. Since the cupcake craze began a couple of years ago, I’ve tried almost every bakery and cupcake shop I’ve come across in search of the perfect red velvet. Lulu’s wins, hands down! The red velvet cupcake is the most moist and flavorful I’ve ever tasted, and is always fresh no matter what time I’ve gone. The cream cheese frosting goes with the red velvet perfectly, does not have too sugary or too strong of a cream cheese flavor, and has just the right frosting-to-cake ratio. For awhile I was on a kick where I went every day, and because even I can’t eat red velvet every day I have branched out and tried some of the other flavors.

Some of my favorites include: 

·         Red Velvet: no further explanation needed
·         Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Chocolate chip cookie cake with cookie dough frosting
·         Nutella: a dark chocolate cupcake with a nutella center
·         Lulu: The signature, a high end version of a hostess cupcake

And of course the list to try: 

·         Salted Caramel
·         S’mores
·         Oreo
·         Red Velvet Cheesecake

Happy cupcake day, now go eat some cupcakes!

See my favorite dishes at this restaurant on Tasted Menu Lulu's Sweet Shoppe on Urbanspoon

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