Wednesday, August 26, 2015


          If you've been following my blog lately, you know that I've been trying out different meal delivery services. I love the idea of having just the right amount of ingredients delivered along with specific instructions so there's no waste and the recipe is essentially foolproof! The latest in this series is PeachDish, and the meals have definitely been some of my favorites!

          PeachDish is based in Atlanta, and the menu reflects that. They source seasonally and regionally when possible. Their classically trained chefs develop Southern-infused and seasonally inspired recipes for dishes you would typically find at a restaurant, but are surprisingly quick and easy to prepare at home. They also believe that there are also so many great, international flavors waiting to be discovered, but sometimes it can seem a bit daunting to commit to an entire jar of jerk seasoning when you just want to take Jamaican food for a quick test drive. They incorporate these flavors into their meals, and because all of the ingredients are pre-portioned, you can get a taste without the waste.

           Every week, they offer four different seasonally inspired meals. Two are vegetarian, and two are animal protein-based. Each meal is packaged in increments of two servings, for $12.50 per serving. A standard box includes two servings of two of the week’s delicious meals, for $50 with higher quantities also available. I tried one vegetarian and one meal with chicken, and in addition to the two meals by shipment came with some great surprises including chocolate covered pretzels, dark chocolate, and peaches!

           The two meals included in my package were the chicken fundida with squash and polenta, and the summer squash, basil, and corn risotto. The ingredients for each came packaged separately in beautiful bags.

          There was a sheet with a list of ingredients and where they came from, as well as recipes with detailed instructions including pictures.

           Both meals were delicious, but I absolutely loved the corn and squash risotto. I think was my favorite of all the meals I've tried lately.

           I've never made risotto from scratch before; the closest I've come is from a box and it definitely did not have the bright, fresh flavors in my PeachDish meal. I love that PeachDish made this more accessible to me, and hope to experience more dishes like this in the future!

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