Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Strip by Strega

          Strip by Strega is Nick Varano's newest restaurant: a high end steakhouse in the park plaza. By the look and feel, it aims to be the most exclusive steakhouse in Boston. My first impression was that this is a place to host a business dinner and impress a client, and after seeing the outfits on the cocktail servers that I'm not their target clientele.  

          What distinguishes Strip from most other steakhouses in the city is the A5 Kobe beef on the menu. This is literally the best beef in the world, and Mooo is the only other steakhouse in Boston that regularly carries it. So naturally I went in with the fiance and a friend on opening weekend so we could enjoy some A5!

          We started with the tuna tartare served with avocado and sesame crackers. This was tasty and a generous portion, definitely enough for two to share. 

          You really can't go wrong with A5, and Strip's version was served with a selection of sauces including truffle butter, bearnaise, and two types of steak sauce. When I order A5 I prefer just a hint of salt, and instead enjoyed the truffle butter with my duck fat marble potatoes.


          The dessert was fun and one of the more impressive presentations that I've seen: cotton candy with pop rocks and chocolate covered oreos. 

           I enjoyed my meal, but being opening weekend there were a few hiccups. I would give them another try for the A5 once they've been open a bit longer and had time to work out the kinks. 

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