Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Study Restaurant

          I absolutely love the creative dishes and fantastic wine list at Journeyman, so I was excited to check out the owner's newest restaurant Study which just opened in Kendall Square. The concept is very similar, but it's meant to be a bit more casual with two tasting menus as well as a la carte options. The menu is made up of four sections, three savory and one dessert. The 13 course menu includes all savory courses plus one sweet. The four course menu includes one course from each section (and each section has one vegetarian option, so you could do a vegetarian tasting). The fiance and I decided to order the smaller four course menu with a couple of extra courses.

          We started with an amuse: bresaola with parmesan gelee. This was a perfect bite packed full of interesting flavors and textures. It set the stage well for the rest of the meal.

           Next was the lamb tartare with uni, pear, nori, and egg yolk. The presentation was beautiful, and there was a great mix of classic combinations like the tartare and egg yolk in addition to some more unusual pairings like the addition of uni and seaweed. Everything worked well together.

           I had the rabbit loin and confit with brussels sprouts, grape sauce, and cognac. The rabbit was crisp but still delicate, and the grape added just the right amount of sweetness.

           The fiance had the surf clam with carrot, sea grass, and black garlic, which was one of the prettiest dishes of the night. This came with an amazing wine, which I ended up stealing most of ordering a glass of my own!

          The Mosse Moussamoussettes is a Loire Valley wine made by Agnès et René Mosse. It's an unfiltered, biodynamic, sparkling orange rose - a combination of two of my favorites, so naturally I loved this! It tasted earthy with notes of strawberry and pink flowers.

           We both had the sunchoke for our next course, which came with an onion puree, sunchoke chips, braised sunchoke root, egg yolk slices, and meyer lemon. This was the only vegetarian dish we tried, and we were both impressed. I would like to come in sometime and try a vegetarian tasting.

          The next few dishes were some of my favorites for the night, starting with the seared foie gras with quail, apple, espresso, and marcona almond. This foie and quail were both incredibly rich, and I tried to savor every bite by pairing tiny pieces of the proteins with the sweet fruit.

            The beef tongue was some of the most tender I've ever had, and just melted in your mouth. It came with salsify, kumquat, and brown butter sauce and a really great vermouth pairing.

          The goat was another rich, meaty dish with great texture and flavor. The pomegranate and barley were the perfect accompaniments; the barley was creamy almost like a risotto.

           The monkfish with beets and lobster roe sauce was amazing, and I loved that it was paired with an orange wine!

          Before bringing out the dessert courses, our server came over with a cheese cart which had a huge selection of cheeses.

          We tried a creamy blue goat cheese, an aged sheeps milk cheese, and a harder goat cheese. My favorite was the harder goat cheese, which had a delicious, nutty rind. All of the cheeses were served with some apple jam and a fruit / nut bar.

          It's rare that I don't order the chocolate dessert (there was one on the menu), but the heirloom pumpkin sounded  so good, I just had to try it! This dish included pieces of pumpkin lightly cooked with a pumpkin sherry sauce and walnut ice cream.

          The fiance had quince with foie gras mousse, celeriac, and vanilla which he also enjoyed.

          Being such a fan of Journeyman, I had high expectations for Study - it not only lived up to, but exceeded these expectations!  I truly enjoyed every dish that I tried, and loved the wine list with a whole section for orange wines and some unfiltered, bio-dynamic options (one of my favorite styles). It's a great place for a casual meal or a special occasion and I will definitely be back.

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