Tuesday, October 7, 2014

LIQS Cocktail Shots

          If you're anything like me, you probably don't keep lots mixers or liquors on hand to make fancy drinks or shots at home. My idea of making my own mixed drink is adding lime flavored sparkling water to my vodka! So I was psyched when I was given the opportunity to try out LIQS cocktail shots: a delicious and low calorie ready to drink premium shot.

About LIQS

          LIQS Cocktail Shot, the world’s first premium ready-to-drink “Cocktail Shot” brand, recently launched in Massachusetts. LIQS are a ready-to-drink hybrid between a bartender-quality cocktail with the portability of a shot sealed in a high quality plastic shot glass. These portable shots combine top-shelf spirits with the high quality flavors seen in traditional craft cocktails to bring a potent, low calorie alternative with no preservatives or artificial flavors. They are fun, delicious and serve as the perfect party starter, addition to a BBQ or pool party, for a night on the town or for celebratory occasions.

I had the chance to try all four flavors including:

Tequila· Cinnamon · Orange, made with 99% agave tequila infused with a blend of subtle cinnamon and fresh orange to produce an irresistible balance of spicy and sweet (55 proof; 120 calories)

Vodka · Cucumber · Lime, a six-time distilled vodka shot with the cooling nature of cucumber combined with the citrus of lime (45 proof; 90 calories)

Vodka · Kamikaze, an improvement on this nightlife staple with six-times distilled vodka infused with the finest citrus and a hint of natural vanilla (45 proof; 100 calories); and

Vodka · Lychee · Grapefruit, a perfectly pink mix of six-times distilled vodka balanced with the citrus of grapefruit and the sweetness of lychee to create a fruit-forward option that is not cloying (45 proof; 90 calories).

          They were all delicious and it was hard to pick a favorite. If I had to choose it would be a toss up between the lychee and kamikaze. LIQS are available in three packs for $7.99, and have recently rolled out in over 100 liquor stores throughout Massachusetts including one of my local Southie favorites - Al's.

          For more information visit: www.LIQSshot.com. Follow LIQS Cocktail Shot on Twitter at @LIQS, Facebook at /LIQSshot and Instagram at @LIQS.

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